The original Westwood, Richmond VA

This historic Westwood community/neighborhood was founded circa 1870
(perhaps the original neighborhood of Richmond’s “West End”)
by those recently emancipated in this area
(- primarily from the Patterson plantation)

[VIDEO] The Westwood Community: Built on Faith and Resilience

Represented by Westwood Civic League: www.westwood1870.comsend email

Download PDF: (Proposed) Bylaws of Westwood Civic League – produced 05/29/2018
(text unchanged from DRAFT of 11/28/2017)


A Community Saved, Westwood (“Built By Blacks”, ch 9)
Westwood: A community formed by ex-slaves thrives, 140 years after its founding
– “In 1874, the first Westwood Baptist Church was established. The building was a log cabin erected by both men and women… The congregation steadily grew. Soon another edifice was built, this time of weatherboard. A cemetery was also designated in the rear of the church”

Additional background:

– Names & Places in Henrico: “Patterson Avenue” & “Paradise