The original Westwood, Richmond VA

This historic Westwood community/neighborhood was founded in 1870 by those recently emancipated from slavery in this area (primarily at the Patterson plantation).

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– Westwood (“African Americans of Henrico County”, ch 6)
– A Community Saved, Westwood (“Built By Blacks”, ch 9)
– Westwood: A community formed by ex-slaves thrives, 140 years after its founding
This community also in 1874 founded the Westwood Baptist Church (originally the “Westwood Colored Peoples Baptist Church” which is still serving the community today.

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Additional background:

* Richmond City annexed Westwood from Henrico County in the 1940’s
– Names & Places in Henrico: “Patterson Avenue” & “Paradise”
– Paradise Farm (circa 1830), Henrico County, Virginia (Patterson family home) 

Surrounding neighborhoods:

– Glenburnie Civic Association